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Welcome to our family web site!  If you have visited before you will note that things look quite a bit different.  Recently Apple made the decision to discontinue their MobileMe service in favor of a new service called iCloud.  As you might have heard when the new iCloud service begins Apple will no longer host either photo galleries or iWeb sites.  Since our site was produced using iWeb, was hosted on MobileMe, and depended heavily on MobileMe galleries we pretty much had to move our site to a new server (DreamHost) and start from scratch.  To make a long story short we have decided to totally rebuild our web site using Word Press (since iWeb will undoubtedly be discontinued at some point as well).  As with the implementation of any new software there is a learning curve so things might be a little clunky for a while as we add content. Do let us know if you encounter problems.

Organization of our site will be a little different than before.  For now I plan to have specific pages for news specific to individual family members as well as a general family news page.  To start I will focus on recent news but will try to add older stuff as I have time.

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